You like the look, your partner hates the stubble… Get Clean, Get Real

You like the look, your partner hates the stubble… Get Clean, Get Real

Published by Equibal Labs on Jun 5th 2019

            The scruffy beard is hot right now. It’s everywhere you look, and it looks good. But what about how it feels? Let’s face it, a scratchy, unkempt beard just isn’t appealing. Whether you’re trying to grow a beard or you’re just a guy who needs a shave every 8 hours, you need a way to maintain the look you love while keeping a smooth, comfortable feel that is appealing to your partner? There is a product that can do all of this and so much more: finipil® 4 men.

           finipil® 4 men is a powerhouse of a product that has many uses...just for men! It is not only an excellent antiseptic that kills 99.999% of germs, but it also acts as a coolant for the skin, as well as an effective moisturizer.  finipil® 4 men was designed especially for a man’s skin, too. It contains essential oils for a masculine fragrance, making it an excellent aftershave lotion.

           Originally designed as a post-hair removal antiseptic,  finipil® keeps the skin clean and the delicate hair follicles of the face free of debris that can lead to redness and infection. By cleaning the follicle and shrinking the pores (follicle walls) after shaving,  finipil® helps to keep facial hair soft and skin smooth. It will also prevent razor burn, chaffing and razor bumps that cause uncomfortable shaving.

          Beards collect dirt and bacteria, there’s no doubt about it. As we enter the warmer months, in particular, sweat leaves the hair on your face even dirtier. Odor causing bacteria from your skin’s oils and sweat can be kept at bay with  finipil® 4 men by killing that bacteria. finipil® 4 men will prevent razor bumps and painful ingrown hairs. The bumps or blemishes that can result from shaving is actually the buildup of sebum in the hair follicle and can cause scar tissue to develop, if not dealt with correctly. finipil® 4 men will gently bring that buildup to the surface and act as an astringent to clean and shrink the pore.

           The permanent 5 o’clock shadow that some men develop can also be visibly decreased when using  finipil® 4 men if used before and after shaving. This is actually the hair shaft just below the surface that gives the appearance of a dark shadow. Whether you want to reduce that shadowy look, or strengthen and clean your skin, finipil® 4 men can help.

           finipil® 4 men is not only for maintaining your facial hair, though. It is truly beneficial anywhere for healthy skin. Because it has such wonderful cooling properties, it can be used on sunburns to cool and soothe hot, delicate skin, while also protecting it from infection.

           finipil® 4 men is very beneficial to active men who want to protect their feet after the pool, workout, or in a locker room. The antibacterial properties not only help prevent bacteria from entering any damaged skin, but kill odor-causing bacteria, keeping the skin under sporting equipment clean and fresh.

           finipil® 4 men is a must-have product that is for men of all ages and professions; from construction worker to executive,  finipil® 4 men has uses that will benefit you. Ask your barber or stylist at your next visit for finipil® 4 men so you can start caring for your facial hair and promote healthier skin.

By: Sara E. Goodwin 

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