We Need to Discuss Stress

We Need to Discuss Stress

Published by Equibal Labs on Mar 20th 2018

Hi Everyone!

Happy Vernal Equinox! Around my way there's still some snow on the ground (with more on the way, possibly) but Spring is in the air and I'm loving it. I hope you feel some joy in your heart as well. With that being said, I would like to talk about stress. Yes, we all hate it but even more, it can have adverse effects on your skin and all the hard work you have put in to get/keep it clear. Yep, that's right. If you remember the last post on probiotics, you will recall the mentioning of the gut's health/microbiome and microflora. I will inform you that excessive stress can seriously damage and nearly decimate the gut's microflora and create a hostile environment where the bad bacteria overcome the good bacteria and that battle is shown all over your face. If you are facing a lot of stress right now, you are at serious risk for having a horrible breakout. I know we live hectic lives but we have to put some perspective to all of this to keep our heads on straight and our minds clear. When you feel yourself losing it, try 3-5 deep belly breaths. If you are into religion/spirituality: prayer and/or meditation will go a long way to soothe you. In addition to using your Blemfree kit, we have to make serious efforts to:

  • Eat clean
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night
  • Make sure we're emotionally and mentally calm.

You can do it!

Until Next Time,


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