The Case for Greek Yogurt

The Case for Greek Yogurt

Published by Equibal Labs on Jun 21st 2018

Hello Everyone!

Thus far, we've discussed the wonderful Blemfree Skincare Kit and it's skin-clearing multi-step process, the importance of diet and activity level and working at staying stress-free. We've also covered the benefits of probiotics and today I would like to cover one specific source of good bacteria: Greek yogurt. Now, there was one post where I expressed my dislike for it based on it being a dairy product (dairy may cause breakouts in those highly sensitive to it) but I believe I may have to recant that previous statement based on my experiences. After a little experimentation, I have found that some Greek yogurts are much more helpful than others. This has nothing to do with brand names, it's about the QUALITY (or rather qualities) of the yogurt. What are these qualities you ask? To begin, upon purchase you have to make sure that the yogurt has live active cultures with the most important one being L. acidophilus (some brands will have it listed as just acidophilus), if you see that and other cultures such as L. casei, L. bulgaricis, S. thermopilus, it's a candidate for a good choice. The next and just as important factor to consider when choosing a Greek yogurt is thickness/creaminess. I have found that the less watery, more substantial and solid the yogurt's texture, the better it was as clearing any acne from the inside out. I'm telling you, I've seen a nasty breakout disappear nicely within a few days. Next, it's best to buy yogurt that is PLAIN. We have spoken at length about how detrimental excess sugar is to our skin, so skip the yogurt with the fruit on the bottom and get you a good plain option, then sweeten it with some honey and/or a few pieces of fruit- it's delicious and so much better for you!

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