Good Nutrition IS Skincare

Good Nutrition IS Skincare

Published by Equibal Labs on Nov 28th 2017

Well hello there!

You might be wondering, how does nutrition affect one's skin? And you may be surprised to learn that is is perhaps the most important part of one's skincare routine, right along with what topicals you use. Seriously! It's taken some time for those that put a premium on empiricism (i.e- dermatologists) to finally admit it, but they, in particular, my own dermatologist, support the correlation between a diet rich in live, raw foods paired with low glycemic (sugar) and low sodium intake as an ideal dietary strategy for clear skin. I can testify to this!

When I began delving into the world of skincare and what factors inhibited a clear complexion and what reinforced it, I came upon a ton of research and data that iterated the importance of a clean diet. What is a clean diet, you ask? Here are the basics:

  • at least half a gallon (64 oz) of water a day (make an effort to drink a gallon and see how beautiful your skin looks)
  • dark pigmented, high-nutritional content vegetables such as: spinach, kale, broccoli, sweet potato, carrot, beets
  • high nutrient content fruits like: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apple, grapefruit
  • high quality grains such as: oatmeal, quinoa, millet, cream of wheat, Ezekiel bread, 100% whole wheat bread
  • no dairy, this includes: cow's milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, ice cream
  • limited sugar, that means: MUCH less and up to NO cake, cookies, muffins, candy, chocolate (high cocoa percentage dark chocolate is GOOD) white bread, soda, donuts, etc
  • limited sodium, which entails: MUCH less and up to NO chips, fast food, fries, pizza, cheeseburgers, bacon, etc
  • limited alcohol intake! no smoking either!

A lot to take in, I know! However, it's from valued experience that I come to you with this information. When you combine a regiment that looks like the above with your Blemfree kit, you will see a marked difference, I promise you. The holiday season is upon us and we will have our indulgences, myself included :P however, we have to remain mindful, vigilant and protective of our self-care routines, which we know skincare is a huge part of! Try making small swaps for about 21 days. How about instead of a bowl of sugary cereal try a bowl of oatmeal. I have a good feeling you'll feel a lot better too. You can do it :)

A Blemfree Enthusiast,


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